You must read this post if you have ribbons sitting idle in your drawers. If you are one of the people who think that stripes don’t have many uses and they are just a piece of decoration, then you must know that you are very much wrong. There is so much that you can do with a custom ribbon. In this post, we are going to highlight some of the creative ways to use custom ribbons. So it’s high time you put on your creative hat and start reading.

5 Ways To Use Custom Ribbon Creatively

There are so many different ways to use ribbons. Some of them have been discussed below:

1. You Can Tie Ribbons On Gift Boxes

One of the ordinary yet creative ways of using a ribbon is simply tying them on a gift box. Adding ribbons to the gift box would make them look prettier and more presentable. You can create pom-pom bows or double bows to add a different personality to the gift box. You can learn different bow styles for gift boxes on other platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

2. You Can Use Ribbons as Bookmarks

Another creative use of ribbons is as bookmarks. If you are a book lover & like to read a lot of books, then you can easily use ribbons as customized bookmarks. Gone is the time when you had to buy boring bookmarks for your books; rather, you can create customized bookmarks by yourself.

3. You Can Use Them as Hair Ties

Another interesting use of ribbons is as hair ties. If you are tired of using old ponytails and bands and want to do something interesting and funky to your hair, then you need to try out ribbons. You cannot only create ribbons for yourself, but you can also create custom hair ties in bulk and sell them to young girls in schools or colleges. These ribbon styles would be eye-catching for cheerleading squads or other sports teams.

4. You Can Use Ribbons To Customize Table Napkins

Every one of us wants our dining table to be perfectly set. When you are hosting a party or formal dinner, you must put in some extra effort so that the table looks perfect. If you have ribbons, you can add to the beauty of your table by customizing your napkins. You just need to get nice-colored ribbons and tie them neatly on the napkins. Besides adding ribbons to the napkins, you can also add flowers to the centerpiece on the table.

5. You Can Beautify the Look of Accessories and Linings

Custom ribbons are also one of the best things if you want to make your accessories look more beautiful. You can make your purses, outdoor gear and handbags even more stylish with customized ribbons. You can find ribbons of different colors which go best with the colors of your accessories.


There are so many creative ways to incorporate ribbons into your designs, and, as you can see, they’re all unique in their own right. Now that you know more about the purpose of them, go ahead and take the time to try using a few yourself. The one thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t have to use all five at once—even one or two will do. Experiment with different colors, lengths, widths, and add-ons until you get something that you like.


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