If you’re looking for a getaway or a short trip to some exciting place like an island or somewhere in the woods, a portable tent is a must. Below are some glamping safari tent recommendations, along with portable tents for various locations. A portable tent serves as an ideal place to rest and remain safe from the surroundings. Since there are portable tents, please don’t expect high durability and strength.

Types Of Glamping Tents

There are several types of portable tents, including African safari tents, tents for beaches, forests, etc. Below are the detailed descriptions for each of them and how they come in handy.

Eco Tents

Eco tents offer quality and strength while remaining portable. They are affordable and lightweight, allowing travelers to carry them in their RVs simply by folding them gently. They are available in highly attractive shapes and designs that will give you a feel of a modern getaway. Now say goodbye to boring old-fashioned tents that appear like a 2D triangle.

Eco tents are perfect for use at various locations rather than being usable in one environment or two. You can use them in the woods, in the deserts, or even in the rainforests. The choice is yours!

Beach Tents

Staying on the beach for a while is fun, but what if you want to stay there for a whole day and it’s too sunny out there? You can only predict the weather but can’t be sure about it. Carry a beach tent with you so you can create your temporary hideout. Beach tents are perfect to remain safe under the sun. Try taking a nap in them for some time. They not only give comfort but also allow enjoying a lovely sea view while staying indoors.

Forest Tents

If you’re planning an outing in the forest or perhaps in the woods, don’t forget to carry forest tents with you. They serve as a good hideout to rest and sleep at night. Instead of relying on an unreliable tent, consider fashionable forest tents that are more secure and durable than ordinary ones. They are spacious and serve as a mini home for travelers in the forest. Stay comfortable even in the forests.

Desert Tents

You really can’t imagine living in the desert without a roof. Even though deserts are scorching, if you still want to spend some time there, carry a desert tent that will keep you safe from heatstroke, letting you enjoy a desert trip. There are several designs when it comes to desert tents that are available in the market. These highly spacious tents are ideal if you want to carry out some activities in the desert as well.

Tents For African Safari

If you love African safari, you got to rely on African safari tents too. They will safeguard you from the harsh surroundings and deliver a comfortable environment even in a dangerous area like an African safari. The tents are portable and can be installed on uneven terrains and hilly areas. The tents will discourage wild animals from entering your tent area. Consider carrying multiple tents depending on the number of people visiting the African safari in your group.


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