What do bundles mean in hair?

Bundles comprise a collection of hair extension wefts tied together using a ribbon and used to make weaves. Hair vendors are the most common sellers of human hair bundles. The hair vendors primarily work on virgin hairs. Virgin hairs come from Asia and are distributed globally.

Most beginners tend to confuse hair bundles with hair packs. Hair packs are usually offered in beauty stores. The main difference between the hair bundles and the hair pack is the quality. If you need purely virgin hair that will last for a long time, hair bundles will suit your longevity needs.

What are hair bundles used for?

Hair bundles are used for making weaves. When hair bundles are made, a collection of hair is usually collected and sewed together to form a bulk. The sewed collection of hair could be made thick, strong, loose, or thin. This collection may be referred to as a weft, and there are machine-sewed wefts and hand-tied wefts.

Specialists usually sew the wefts together to form a weave that might resemble a wig. Weaves are artificial or human hair integrated into a person’s real hair for beauty or changing of appearance. Weaves may be worn for short periods and may include the combination of a person’s natural hair and the bundles sewed together in a specific fashion.

What is the difference between weave and wig?

A wig comprises human hair, synthetic fiber, or animal hair and covers the head. You may call it a hat as it resembles one. Wigs usually include a wig cap and sometimes a lace too. The lace is glued on the head depending on the type of lace made on the wig. Some might need gluing, while others might not need gluing.

In contrast, a weave is braided and sewed on a person’s hair. First, braids are plaited on your hair in a suitable pattern. Afterward, the bundles are sewn on the braids to form a weave. When weaves are completed, they resemble wigs and may be confused easily.

It would be best if you got an excellent salon to sew your weave correctly. If your weave is not sewed correctly, it may lead to hair loss. Sometimes, it may damage your hair by making it fall out or break.

Should I get all my bundles the same length?

Depending on the style that you intend to put on your hair, you may purchase the same length of hair bundles. However, if you are not sure of the required size of hair bundles, it would be best if you bought extra long hair bundles. It would be easy to trim out unnecessary hairpieces than to run short of the hairpieces.

Sometimes, your stylist might figure out an appropriate style for the extra length of hair bundles. Whether it would involve some trimming or short styling, longer hair bundles would be a great idea altogether. Consequently, it would save you the extra money you would have used to get new hair bundles in case of a mistake in length.


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