Having an AK2 Caliburn cartridge is great as long as it comes from a trusted source like the Uwell brand. This brand is one of the leading brands with innovative features for its products. Each of the products has its specifications to suit the users, and the Caliburn series is a great choice. It is one thing to trust UWELL as a brand to deliver the best Caliburn products; it is another to know how to use the product. Cleaning and refilling your Caliburn catridge are two things that you must do when you own a Caliburn product from UWELL. Of course, the device will come clean, but you need to clean it after you use it over time. Here, we will explain how you can clean your Caliburn product and Refill it.

The cleaning process

A Caliburn cartridge is a bit cheap, so it is usually better to buy a new one when you have used it over time. Buying a new one can be a challenge some times because of location, finances, and other reasons. Here is the cleaning process of the Caliburn item;

Refill the pod

You can not wash the pod with another liquid apart from the e-liquid that goes into the pod normally. This liquid will, however, not be the regular one. The liquid needs to be thicker than the other e-liquid. The liquid is perfect if it has a weight of 50VG. You will fill in the normal way.

Cover it back

You are using the same strategy when you are filling the pod up. This time, you need to be sure to cover it back since you want to clean it.

Shake the Cartridge

Start by tilting the cartridge in opposite directions and maintaining the speed. After a few minutes, try to shake with a bit of momentum for about a full minute. The shaking process will ensure that any sediments within the system will come out.

Remove cap and liquid

Once you have finished the shaking process, what remains is to empty the liquid. All you need to do is to remove the cap of the liquid and empty the liquid. You need to ensure it is fully dry before you start using it again. To do this, you can try to turn the cartridge upside down and wait for it to dry. A time frame of about five minutes should do.

The filling process

The filling process of a Caliburn cartridge is not complex. All you need to do include;

  • Remove the cartridge
  • Hold the cartridge firmly
  • Remove the cap
  • Fill cartridge


UWELL is a trusted brand When it comes to building great vaping materials. The caliburn set of products shows what it is to build great products that earn the populace’s trust. Not only are these products very sleek, they have many features you will appreciate as an expert at vaping or a beginner. The Caliburn G and Caliburn GK2 are great options for the experts, while the most recent Caliburn A2 will do for beginners. We have explained some common uses of the Caliburn cartridge to you in this guide.


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