A gold console table is a beautiful piece of furniture to have in any space. A golden console table exudes luxury and elegance. Although a gold console table is beautiful all by itself, there are few ideas on how to incorporate new designs to your space. Here We’ll tell some great ideas on how to style a gold console table.

Gold console table with a cohesive look

A cohesive look is achieved by bringing together a range of objects to create a cohesive theme. The objects on the table would look like it was dropped casually but intentionally placed together. For example, an antique mirror can be used as a centerpiece with objects like decorative books, vases, flower vases, and figurines brought together to give the table a busy look.

Console table with table lamps

If you’re looking for symmetrical interior décor ideas, placing table lamps on a gold console table gives the table a classical look. Take a pair of identical table lamps and place them on the extreme sides of the console table. You can include a flower vase in-between to complement the look.

Console table with minimalist design

Minimalist designs have become a popular contemporary design in today’s interior décor. If you’re looking to include a gold console table into your space to blend in with the background, use minimalist ideas. For this, place the console table close to a wall with some form of painting. While the gold console table sits boldly in the room, place a bowl of simple flowers on one end of it. The console table helps accentuate the paintings or designs on the adjacent wall.

Console table with display art

If you’re a lover of display art and a collector, there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot use the console table as your art gallery. It works well with any display art; African, contemporary, European, Asian, etc. Try not to crowd out the table with the art. Each piece should have significant space for it to stand out.

Console table with a natural theme

The gold console table would work well with a natural theme. Place the console table close to the doorway and place plant pots on it. With the console table closeness to the door, the plants are able to photosynthesize and keep their lustrous green look. You can add a low wall mirror above the console table to help reflect the greenery of the plants.

Console table that make small entryway feel larger

A house or apartment with a small entryway does not always have to feel left out while using console tables. A gold console table can actually make a space look larger than it is. Console tables come in different shapes and sizes. Get one that’s slim enough not to take much floor space, but large enough to have items placed on it.

Place the gold console table close to the entryway wall and place some pots and art on it. You can give it a more exotic look by hanging a mirror above it.


Console tables are a good way to style a room. They have been used for centuries in different interior décor designs. A gold console table stands out with a touch of luxury and royal. It can style up a space by itself, but why limit design possibilities when it works well with other decorative items? The post shares amazing interior décor ideas to use with a gold console table.


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