For those who like using pressure washers in big spaces, having a good retractable Retractable system is a must. After all, having to bend the entire hose can become a big problem after a while. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right one. However, if you don’t know how to do that, here are a few things that you have to consider before buying it:

The Different Types of Reels for Retractable Hoses

First, you need to know that there are 3 different types of retractable hose reels. These are the main types of hose reels with retractable systems:

Electric telescopic

The motor-driven reels, also known as electric retractable hose reels, need electrical energy to operate. Unlike the manual rewind type, they need fewer human resources, working through the push of buttons.

Manual rewind

If electrical power isn’t an option, these hose reels will work perfectly for you. They are the ideal type for longer hoses. However, since it takes only manual power to work, they typically use a single crank handle that needs to be turned, hence its name. These reels are a great deal for a lower price.

Spring expansion

The Spring expansion reel works with applied tension into the spring. This tension is the reason why the hose folds itself back into the reel. That’s why, for those who can’t use either manual or electric type, this would be perfect. However, you need to be careful when reeling the hose back, to avoid it bending incorrectly and breaking it or any potential injuries.

What to consider in a pressure washer hose reel?

Because you need to store the pressure washer hose in a safe but convenient way, here are some things you need to consider before buying one:

The material

The pressure hose reel is made of sturdy stainless steel and coated with enamel. Because of that, these reels are protected from rust while also helping to protect the hose itself.

Temperature and Pressure

The reels can withstand high temperatures. The best ones are able to withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204ºC). That way it can handle the force that a pressure washer hose inputs in any space.


Pressure hose reels cost is higher than that of normal garden hose reels. However, unlike the garden hose ones, these will not be affected by the pressure of water flowing through the hose. This means they are less likely to break, which will be worth it even if the pressure hose reel is a little more expensive than the normal one.


Everyone seeks to make a good purchase so they don’t have to buy the same item multiple times. Therefore, since pressure hose reels are more expensive, the best advice is that you identify the requirements of one in your day-to-day.

Once you know what you need, just do some market research to avoid buying a very expensive in an unnecessary manner.


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