Washing a red suv car tires with high pressure washer cleaner.

One of the most annoying tasks for everyone is vehicle cleaning. Whether the vehicle is yours or not, cleaning it is not an easy task, especially when you want to clean it correctly. The amount of time and stress used in cleaning vehicles can be much, which explains why we usually prefer car washes to help with the washing. Before innovation took over the world, these car washes relied on manual labor to clean your vehicle. This made it time-consuming and more costly until the creation of pressure washers. Today, you will hardly see a professional car center Washing vehicles with their hands.

Of course, a pressure washer makes the job of cleaning your vehicle an easy one. And since this is the same device to be used when you visit the professional, you can as well do it yourself. However, you will need the pressure washer, and of course, the knowledge about it. To wash your vehicle correctly, you can’t just get any pressure washer. The pressure washer should be able to release water at a pressure of at least 2300psi. If the pressure is not up to this level, you may need first to brush off all stains in the vehicle before you wash.

After getting the suitable pressure washer, you have to follow techniques to ensure you wash your car right with the device. All you need do is to follow this procedure;

Clean with water first

If you have not washed your vehicle in a long time, or you went through a dusty road, you can’t start pressure washing with soap. What you need to do is to clear off all the dust and dirt with water only. Using soap on the dirt will require the pressure washer to leave some scratches on the car’s body. Also, if you just drove your vehicle in and decided to wash, then you can go ahead to use cold water however you deem it fit. Likewise, if your engine is hot in any way, cold water works perfectly. However, in a situation when you are washing at night, for instance, you may need to use warm water to increase the impact of the detergent you are using.

Apply detergent on the car and wash

Depending on the type of pressure washer you have, washing a car will always require detergent. Now, some pressure washers have a compartment for soap already, so all you need to do is apply the soap to your device. On the other hand, if your pressure washer doesn’t have this compartment, you can apply the soap on the vehicle and use the pressure washer. After pressure washing, rinse off your car with water. After rinsing, it is usually better to use a towel to dry the vehicle manually. Of course, it will get dry regardless, but you don’t want water staying on the surface of your car since it can affect the aesthetics.


Pressure washers are unique at washing your car if you know how to use them right. However, all you need to wash it properly is to buy a suitable pressure washer and use the proper techniques.


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