When there are kids in your home or pets on your lawn, you’re always cleaning up messes. And it’s a dirty job, for sure. It’s easy to lose hope between the dirt and the thought of how hard it is to get stains out of your carpets and upholstery.

Clean as you’ve never cleaned before. The change of ordinary power washer to this ultimate pressure washer uses powerful super-heated water and pressurized force to clean stubborn stains in minutes without scrubbing.

The convenience of our patented technology allows you to clean with ease no matter how much dirt you come across, yet guarantee safe cleaning for your whole family. So your floors will be sparkling clean, and your furniture looks as good as new again

Highly Durable Kink-Proof Body With G-Guiding System

The GGPW1635 pressure washer comes with a Kink-Proof and G-Guiding High-Pressure Hose. The hose is made durable, lightweight, and anti-twisting. Its G uni guider pivots the workpiece, preventing damage to the electrical cord, water hoses, and spray gun.

Paint for the body will not fade easily; the machine head is made of engineering plastics material that is firm and durable, with the features of fire retardant and corrosion resisting, etc. Compared with traditional washing equipment, it reduces water pollution makes it noiseless, and saves labor, electric power, and water resources.

Giraffe Pressure Washer Hose Reel is not only a washer but also hoses storage. When idle, you may remove the water hose and gun from the garden hose reel to prevent freezing risk and prolong the life of your equipment. If you want to use it again, mount it to the pressure washer.

Best Quality And Durable Hose Pipe

The convenient kink-proof design of the pressure washer hose with extension makes it easy to clean without interruption. The G-Guiding technology enhances the flexibility of the water pipe and protects your wash surface from damage.

Kink-Proof, G-Guiding system makes the hose more durable and able to deliver the promised performance. The hose is more flexible, even at low temperatures, in all weather conditions.

With a flexible hose that resists kinking and a patented G-guiding system that helps you keep the nozzle steady while using it, this pressure washer makes it easy to keep walkways, windows, cars, patio furniture, and other items clean without hassle.

Ultimate Dismountable Bracket

Because of the Dismountable Bracket, this pressure washer is equipped with easy storage & space-saving design; the accessory packs reduce the need for cabinets and protect your jewelry from harm—meanwhile, convenient hose reel to store water pipe and utility hose.

The Dismountable Bracket can be easily dismounted by simple pull, improved to save space, and easily stored with detachable components. The high-pressure hose can be easily connected or locked, improving the pressure washer’s stability and perfectly eliminating water leakage. The Dismountable Bracket allows you to adjust the angle of the spray gun easily and speed up the cleaning process.

The built-in bracket saves storage space and comes with a different nozzle to optimize cleaning in various situations. The Dismountable Bracket is convenient for users who wish to remove the system from the cart and put it away or transport it in a pickup truck.


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